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Charm Herbs

Grown in the heart of the Masai land of Kenya, Kisaju, Charm Herbs range of fresh herbs are selected for the finest quality and flavour. Charm Herbs over 3 years since the introduction of the fresh herbs production has built its reputation in the market with our personal care and attention to product quality.

Our extensive range of herbs with comprehensive collection includes aromatic herbs like the Sweet Basil, Chives, Mint, Thyme, Rosemary, Tarragon, Lovage, Marjoram, Oregano, Coriander and Dill, grown with passion to see our products from field to plates in the fine dining.

Our mission is to supply products for food service industry and chefs that is inspired and loved by customers.

We at Charm herbs uphold the strictest agricultural and food standards to ensure safe products delivered with high product quality to meet customer specification.

charmflowersBasil is native to india and other tropical regions of Asia. It is a herb belonging to the mint family, also known as great basil and Saint Joseph’s Wort. It is often used as a seasoning in cookings – well known for its use in Italian cuisine. It is one of the primary ingredients in pesto sauce.

charmflowersChives - Chives have a slender round, hollow, grass-like onion-flavored foliage that can be snipped for salads, soups, egg and cheese dishes. It is a member of the onion family, are cool weather perennial herbs.

charmflowersAromatic annual herb used used to flavor many recipes.

charmflowersFeathery green leaves used most commonly in soups and stews and for pickling. Also used in potato salads, cucumber soup and fish dishes.

charmflowersLovage is a tall perennial, erect, herbaceous plant. The leaves can be used in salads, or to make soup or season broths, and the roots can be eaten as a vegetable or grated for use in salads. The seeds can be used as a spice.

charmflowersMarjorams are generally used fresh. Most marjorams also have a more delicate flavor. Leaves and flavoring sprigs are popular in greek and italian meat dishes, soups, stuffing, tomato sauces and pasta. Leaves are also used to flavor oil and vinegar.

charmflowers Mints are aromatic, almost exclusively perennial herbs with very fragrant, toothed leaves and tiny purple, pink, or white flowers. It has a fruity, aromatic taste.

Mint is used as salads, such as tabouli, and does well with lamb, peas, zucchini, fresh beans, marinades for summer vegetables, cold soups, fruit salads, and cheese.

charmflowersRosemary is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant. The leaves are used to flavor various foods, such as stuffing and roast meats.

charmflowersOregano is an extremely useful herb that appears in countless remedies and tastes. It is great to have in the kitchen especially when fresh.

charmflowersFrench tarragon, which goes great with meat, poultry and seafood.

charmflowersthyme is an aromatic perennial evergreen herb with culinary, medicinal, and ornamental uses.

charmflowersThe bird's eye chili plant is a perennial with small, tapering fruits, used in traditional dishes and salads. 


Charm Flowers Limited has accreditation/certifications of Global G.A.P, Bronze F2F, GRASP and is SEDEX and FoodExperts member.